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Holistic therapy & anxiety coaching

Hi, I am Wiebke Queisser.

I’m a holistic therapist and energy practitioner.

Anxiety, unresolved trauma, and grief are the biggest causes of concern for people’s mental health and well-being due to the increasing adversity and change that we are all experiencing, They are major issues for mental health management in Australia and Europe.

People often don’t know how to manage stress in ways that are sustainable. As a result, they feel overwhelmed. Often, we don’t notice when we are struggling with any of the above. If it goes unnoticed, we suffer silently and may ultimately experience a health crisis and need help.

I believe that we can learn how to manage anxiety and life challenges successfully so we can cope with adversity and uncertainty and become resilient, skilful and equipped over time.

You will learn to better understand your feelings and the things you can change

As a client, you will reconnect with your body, release any held or stuck emotions, feel lighter, become clearer and more grounded. You’ll understand how the mind works and you’ll be equipped with accessible self-help tools, coping strategies and professional support so that you can  manage your own healing journey in a way that is supportive and strengthening.


The day after the first session….

…how different you will feel that day. Having a much better sleep, feeling lighter, more grounded and in flow.


Sustainable changes after 2 months of regular sessions…

You’ll realise how these tools can give greater control over one’s feelings, especially the troublesome ones. No more overwhelm, fear or the feeling that things just happen to you. Instead clear guidance on how to take back control over your feelings and thoughts. You’ll create some really positive changes. Improving self-awareness, confidence, and mood along the way.

How I help...

I have been working as a therapist and coach for nearly 20 years, starting in an acute health care hospital back in Germany. I use this experience together with my qualifications in science and alternative medicine (reiki, hypnosis, psychology, mindfulness) and have created a holistic framework to help manage anxiety, grief and trauma and other stresses.

I include the body, the mind and the spirit in my work. Through body-centred energy healing, stuck emotions will be released, the nervous system will shift into a relaxed and calm state. Clients drop from their overactive minds back into their bodies and are experiencing a sense of safety and feeling grounded. Once the nervous system feels safe, the mind is ready to receive. Through evidence based cognitive strategies, I offer a different perspective and solutions for the brain. This allows clients to see subtle nuances again, and opens up new ways of thinking, achieving more clarity and focus. We feel less stuck in the problem and are able to take higher perspective, which allows space for self- reflection and realisation. After each session, my clients receive some helpful tools and techniques they can include as a ‘circuit breaker’ into their day, helping to make some real sustainable changes, feelings stronger and more confident along the way. These can be personalised guided meditations, mantras and energy hygiene practices.


Most clients feel so much lighter after one session and some real sustainable changes will come after 1-2 months of regular sessions. Everyone’s journey is different of course. But this is a rough guide. It depends on your unique situation and your willingness and commitment to wanting to get better. There is no silver-bullet. I can help you clear the path and you have to walk it. In order to see some sustainable results, you have to be 100% committed to do the work.

How Hypnosis helps

Clinical Hypnosis helps to identify unhelpful thought patterns and behaviours that are getting in the way of your wellbeing. As a client, you will feel empowered to better manage the way you respond to pain, anxiety and other factors in your life.

How Energy Healing helps

Trauma, grief and any emotional struggle are strongly associated with anxiety and a hypervigilant nervous system. We become experts in ignoring our gutfeel and suppressing our emotions. Reiki and energy work help the body to feel safe again and stuck emotions can be released. As a client you’ll feel much lighter, safe and grounded, more open to feel your feelings and more trusting.

How Psychotherapy helps

Through this evidence based and well established form of thought therapy you’ll realise how these techniques can give one greater control over one’s feelings, and thoughts especially the troublesome ones. Over time you will learn to apply these strategies in your daily life and shift from ‘this is too much’ to ‘I’ll be able to handle this”.

A Unique Holistic Approach

All of the above disciplines combined, create a powerful integrative approach to bring your entire being into balance and harmony. Energy healing and clinical hypnosis go well together as they combine work with the subconscious mind and the body. First we’ll free stuck emotions from the body, and create a sense of safety that is needed for the nervous system to restore and for the mind to be open and flexible again. Through some well established psychotherapy strategies you’ll be able to shift perspective, unhelpful habits and thought patterns. In between the sessions you’ll receive homework and other helpful tips and tricks that will help you to improve your self-awareness and confidence along the way. As a client you’ll learn how to manage anxiety successfully and you’ll be able to cope with adversity, changes and uncertainty becoming resilient and equipped over time. Feeling freer and more liberated.

My services

Signature Treatment

My holistic framework is an integrative therapy approach. This means I’ll use a combination of different methods to help you create positive changes.

The sessions can include, depending on your personal situation, cognitive tools, clinical hypnotherapy and energy healing. I’ll create a safe space for you and take great care as I guide you through the different steps, helping you explore past negative events or areas of vulnerability. Using a combination of different healing techniques (reiki, radiance, resonance and bodywork), this treatment is designed to clear energy blockages and restore the natural flow (of energy) in the body. This treatment will be mainly hands on and sometimes hands off. I will identify areas in your energy body that are blocked, weak or need some strengthening. By removing energy blockages the energy will flow freely again, promoting healing on a deeper level. This signature treatment can be also beneficial for relieving pain or discomfort, poor digestion, menstrual pain, headache, tension in back and belly, knee pain, low energy, emotional stress & imbalances.

Clients describe their state of being after as ‘lighter, feeling so much better, happier, more grounded & reconnected.

How much do the sessions costs?

Health Investment:

Initial Consult (75 min): $150

Follow-up Healing Session 60 min: $120

Follow-up Healing Session 90 min: $175

To make an appointment please text to  0405 945 748

Some Client Stories…

…since 2016 I have helped my clients to…

Decrease Anxiety

75% of clients experienced a decrease in anxiety symptoms. Being able to manage their anxiety in a way that is supportive.

Increase Clarity & focus

68% of clients experienced more clarity & focus. Reigniting their energy levels, feeling awake and grounded.

Reconnect to Self

75% of customers feeling reconnected to their feelings and themselves.

Become more resilient

85% of customers feel more resilient, being able to manage challenging emotions, having stronger boundaries, better internal coping strategies to manage stress.

In the media…

At the end of 2021 I was interviewed by MamaMia Australia and asked to conduct an energy healing session with one of their journalists. Given the lockdown this healing sessions was a distance healing session and you can read how it helped her to stay grounded and start the new year feeling more connected and calmer.

How to Establish Strong Energetic Boundaries

Free Toolkit

I have worked with energy medicine for more than 15 years and helped many clients to master their fears & anxiety. For the first time I have summarised my principles of energy medicine, under which a person can strengthen their boundaries, release fear and gain better levels of clarity.

I have been practicing these principles in my own life and with my clients for over 15 years with great success for my own growth as a human, healer & entrepreneur. By applying these principles you can bring a new, more skillful awareness to your inner world. This will allow you to respond to the outer world from a more grounded, connected, and less reactive place. You’ll be able to strengthen your boundaries and feel more liberated, less reactive.

How Energy Healing calms the nervous system

Fight-or-flight is a physiological survival mechanism we are all born with. When we perceive a threat, our sympathetic nervous system activates, stimulating the adrenal glands and triggering the release of adrenalin and other hormones. Your heart beats faster, your breathing becomes more rapid, pupils dilate, and you may start trembling or perspiring. Our bodies are literally preparing us to fight back or escape. In today’s world, we are bombarded with stimuli at every turn, sometimes even putting us in a near constant state of fight or flight. We drain our body, mind and energy levels constantly. Often even without realising. Through my own experience and my client work over the past 15 years, I know that anxiety is always part of the problem and without taking time to recharge and recover, we will be stuck feeling stressed, tense and depleted. This often results in a disconnect from emotions. Grief, anger, sadness and hurt are bottled up and often manifest in other physical or mental symptoms. Energy Healing helps to shift our nervous system back into restore, flow and balance.

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