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Hi, I am Wiebke Queisser.

I’m a Psychotherapist with a Masters Degree in Psychology from the University of Bremen in Germany (2007). I integrate cognitive-behaviour therapy, mindfulness, somatic experiencing and energy psychology to help my clients manage anxiety, grief and trauma and other stresses. No two situations are ever alike. For me, it’s always about finding that very personal balance for each individual, so they can make real and sustainable changes in their life.

Anxiety, unresolved trauma, and grief are the biggest causes of concern for people’s mental health and well-being due to the increasing adversity and change that we are all experiencing, They are major issues for mental health management in Australia and Europe. People often don’t know how to manage stress in ways that are sustainable. As a result, we feel overwhelmed. If it goes unnoticed, we suffer silently and may ultimately experience a health crisis and need help. I believe that we can learn how to manage anxiety and life challenges successfully so we can cope with adversity and uncertainty and become resilient, skilful and equipped over time.


Coaching/ Counselling / Psychotherapy brings understanding to how we become ‘stuck’ or ‘lost’ on this journey of life and provides tools and skills to support us to live our lives less inhibited and more grounded in our true potential.

I can help you with…

Decrease Anxiety
Increasing Clarity & focus
Reconnecting to Self
Becoming more resilient

In the media…

At the end of 2021 I was interviewed by MamaMia Australia and asked to conduct an energy healing session with one of their journalists. Given the lockdown this healing sessions was a distance healing session and you can read how it helped her to stay grounded and start the new year feeling more connected and calmer.

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