My Story

I was born and raised in Germany and moved to Australia in 2006.  I studied psychology (in Germany) and began my career here in Australia as an organisational psychologist in corporate consulting. Since I trained and educated myself in a number of established mental health disciplines – including, yoga, hypnotherapy, energy healing, and mindfulness. In 2016 I left my full-time job and started my own private practice helping clients to make some really positive mental changes.

My personal mental health journey started with anxiety and trauma during childhood. In my early adulthood, I was anxious, had low self-esteem and suffered from panic attacks. With the help of professional health practitioners and a combination of alternative mindbody practices such as mindfulness, meditation and yoga, over time I learned coping strategies and tools to master my anxiety and strengthen my mental health and wellbeing. I use my own experience together with my qualifications in science and alternative medicine (reiki, hypnosis, psychology, mindfulness) and have created a holistic framework to help my clients manage anxiety, grief and trauma and other stresses. I also facilitate workshops for managers and leaders helping them understand better the impacts of stress on their own and their employees wellbeing and teach mindfulness to teams who want to improve their focus, awareness and learn ways to manage stresses better.

A Few Fast Facts

Education & Certification

BA (HONS)- Psychology (University Bremen, Germany)

MACP- Psychology (University Bremen, Germany)

DIP Clinical Hypnotherapy and Strategic Psychotherapy (Australian Institute of Applied Psychology)

Certified Workplace Mindfulness Facilitator (MBSR Institute)

Reiki Master

Founding Member of ISPA (International Strategic Psychotherapist Association)

Member of AHA Australian Hypnotherapists Association

Member of Reiki Australia

Member of SoulAdvisor




Personal & Work Experience

Former Research Psychologist turned business consultant, spanning over 15 years of corporate experience, helping organisations to optimise employee & customer experience

Energy Medicine Practitioner & Hypnotherapist, specialised in anxiety & stress reduction

Solid foundation of neuroscience and research

Personal mindfulness practice spans more than 18 years

Been through the ‘hard stuff’ and I connect to people from an authentic and caring place

My Healing Story

” I suffered from anxiety throughout my child- and early adulthood. My fear turned out to be a blessing as it has empowered me to heal, transform, and be the person I am today. Living a life I love, being liberated and free, and helping others to manage their worries and life challenges better, calmer and more grounded”

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