How to keep Energetic Boundaries strong

I just returned from  a week of training, healing and retreating in Mullumbimby and it is again so clear to me how life is a continuous healing journey. Over the past few months many clients came for energy healing treatments suffering from anxiety, depression, feeling exhausted, not grounded, standing not in their power. They spoke about ‘difficult people’ in their lives and being taken advantage of and struggling with boundaries and saying No. Most of them are absolute GIVERS. Souls that are gentle, sensitive and love to nurture and cherish others with love and compassion however with that comes often also a struggle with boundaries and learning to put a limit on how much to give.  If these words speak to you or touch you in anyway then read on. It is energetically important to understand what actually happens and how you can step back into empowerment and the wisdom of no as in no more.

When we just give and are taken advantage of or are surrounded by others that might feel entitled of your compassion and love we burn ourselves out. When others take power over us we feel depleted energetically. Remember that there is an absolute limit to how much you can give otherwise it starts to drain you. Often my clients ask me how to deal with ‘difficult people’ or how to set up stronger boundaries. They often describe their relationship with that person (can be the partner, a friend, a client or boss, college..) as one sided, draining, exhausting and they give and give and give and there is just a block or no return. Maybe a sense of entitlement.

It is very important to understand that the act of service is only in action if someone meets you with mutual respect. Otherwise there is just drama spinning around. Learn to sense and see when someones behaviour is not in a place of respect. And then move them on quickly. Step towards the wisdom of non-negotiable, of clarity so your spirit can rise and feel free.

Energetically ‘difficult people’ in  your live are souls with lower mental imbalances and what happens is that they throw all this murky energy at you. They throw energetic hooks that are really unhealthy. You need to learn to see this and then move them on out of your field quickly so they can’t put their roots down. For me the wisdom here really lies in to learn to say no as in no more. I encourage my clients to step into the wisdom of a clean cut, with love and compassion but with the power of non negotiable. Often being really clear, so nothing can be misunderstood is very important as well.

Be a rock. Be rock solid. Really stand up. Find clarity and then move on.  Remember that you deserve to be met with a sense of gratitude, nurture and respect. If there is manipulation and drama going on, then it hits a rock solid wall (that is you) and this wall doesn’t move. You are clear. You stand tall. You can be at peace with that. And it is clear.

Don’t be afraid of saying No. No doesn’t mean no forever. But it might be the healthier choice for you now. I often ask my clients to reflect on the times where things have been a non negotiable for them. Where people abused them or took them for granted and all these moments. I ask them to reflect on that moment where it was totally clear that this is enough. Where it hit that rock. They have been compassionate, loving, respectful all the way but one day, they say enough is enough.
This is the highest form of ethics. You can be in absolute peace with this.
You are so solid. There is no hurt or judgment, just being truthful.  Only when someone is truly in their heart that’s when we can listen and move forward. Everything else is just their pain and will hurt you as well. Truly wise people open the pain, heal it and then move on.  Pushing pain down can be there till the end of our days and it is a rocky road. Lets liberate you from all this stuff. Let it go. Let it be. If you push it down, you will burn ourselves out. Move fear and come into power. Be empowered and move with GRACE.

Overall it is so important to move on and how I do that is through healing. Healing my body, my soul and my spirit. I allow things to be there, to feel them to reflect and to move them. I move them through my healers, through dancing, through yoga, shaking and releasing, journalling and sometimes just being. I learned to respect myself and my boundaries and I choose to be of service. I want you to feel the same. I hope this will resonate with some of you and help you to make a step forward in your own unique healing journey. If you wold like to book in for a healing please contact me through the contact page or email I look forward to meeting you and to support you on your own healing journey.