How does Energy get blocked?

Energy doesn’t actually get “blocked” in the body, it actually gets redirected and stored in various body tissues.  When we can’t stay in-flow with the changing world within and around us and we go into fight-or-flight, our muscles, ligaments, bones, nerve tissue, fascia and even organs can store energy. Tension is really just bound up energy that isn’t able to move freely through our bodies because we’re gripped in a fight-or-flight or reaction–and that’s what we can feel as a “block”.

To release the energy that has been bound up in our bodies and return to a state of Energetic Flow, we first have to shift out of the fight-or-flight state.  As we do so, and our parasympathetic nervous system finally kicks in, our bodies begin to relax, let go and finally release that stored energy–which might express in the form of movement, sound, heat, vibration, or wavelike motions.