How not to get attached to the intensity of life

Many of us are losing the point of inner guidance. Life is busy, with many demands and little inner space. Energetically we can feel being pulled in all different directions. It’s can feel like our energy is leaking, scattered, or depleted. Rushing one from thing to the next being there but not really being present. The way we perceive our life, choices, challenges, becomes black and white and we are don’t notice the subtle nuances of life anymore. We are no longer able to receive just simple grace and joy.

I ask my clients the question- What nurtures you? What are you drawn to- what gives you most peace and inner space?  When we follow what brings us joy, our spirit gets lid up and everything lightens.

However, trying to slow down a busy mind is like lighting a candle in the wind. It’s too hard.

Our spirit is nomadic by nature, very spontaneous, light, shifting easily and being free. If we never learn to slow down then it starts with little cracks in the surface, and then these cracks can get deeper and deeper and at some point, it gets huge. However, once we master to switch off and implement a circuit breaker into our day and life- then we can do the same things in life but with a totally different emotional state. There is space for reflection and through that there is realisation. We can hold a certain frequency and make better choices, where heart and brain are aligned. If our heart and brain are not aligned, that is very destructive energy right there. We avoid slowing down for self-reflection because its deep water in there. Sometimes we need a lot of support with that. Healing can be painful. I help my clients to find that inner place of safety, so they can sit and bow within.

A sacred life is organic. It takes us to places where we have to surrender to. It’s like being caught in a rip. It is very strong and once we surrender to the intensity of it, at some point it is not as powerful anymore, we can swim back. We have to come back to the magic of life and the light that we live for. Where is this guidance? It’s our inner guidance, our spirit guidance. Spirit will always be there for us, but we have to be there for our spirit. This is the journey of self-power. We must heal because healing opens us up to the things we can’t even imagine sometimes. We are like magicians. And to fully tap into that we have to free things up and create inner space. Your mind is so powerful when you are free. It can be just a thought and suddenly it starts happening and you are manifesting. I encourage you to find your circuit breaker in your day or week. What nurtures you, what are you drawn to, what gives you most peace and inner space? There are so many great things you have done in your life. Slow things down and you can self-reflect that way and enjoy it.

Stand in your own power. Hold a certain frequency. Follow what excites you because that’s the language of your spirit right here.