How you will manage through any crisis


It is so wonderful that you are here!

We are all facing a huge challenge at the moment and it is important right now that we do the inner work. Meditation, Visualisation, Healing work and yoga practice are GOLD during this time of crisis. Right now each one of us has two choices- we can either step into the collective fear OR we can choose to do the inner work to stay calm, peaceful and content and to share this with the outer world around us to create healing and ease for ourselves and other beings. This doesn’t mean to avoid fear or discomfort. It is very normal to feel anxious and a lot of my clients experiencing the collective fear during this time including myself.  And that is ok. Know that you are not alone with this. We can use our practice, breathing techniques and meditation to acknowledge these feelings and then  to be with the discomfort in a compassionate and open kind and gentle way. This allows us then to shift into a more ‘healed’ and therefore calmer place. We acknowledge it BUT we are not driven by it.

Who do you want to be during this time?

How do you want to act and react?

What can you change and influence in a positive way?
How does the world look like you want to live in?