Get Unstuck

No more feeling overwhelmed, restless or anxious. Instead clear guidance on how to take back control over your feelings and thoughts. Managing stress successfully.

I offer tailored clinical hypnosis therapy sessions to help identify unhelpful thought patterns and behaviours that are getting in the way of your wellbeing and keep you stuck. As a client you’ll be able to cope with life stressors like chronic pain, anxiety, addictions or over-worrying more skilfully.

Real positive changes through Hypnosis

After just one session, you’ll feel immediate relief. Many clients describe it ‘as a feeling of being on the right track’. You will learn some valuable mechanism that will help you reduce over analysis, and stop you catastrophising into the future, making you feel safe, confident and capable. The most important part of the success of the therapy are that you are ready for the change and that you are committed to do the work. I’ll help you clear the path- you’ll need to walk the path.

Clinical Hypnosis...

Breaks unhelpful patterns

Through hypnosis you’ll identify, and interrupt unhelpful mental or behavioural patterns that lead to maintaining the problem. Anxiety is a pattern and the good news is that you can learn how not to do it anymore.

Changes One’s Perspective

“I have an addictive personality; I will never find a partner; I am always anxious”… Wouldn’t it be helpful to get absorbed in a different way of thinking? Clinical Hypnosis will help you explore new ways of responding.

Gets you back in the driver’s seat

Hypnosis gives one greater control over one’s feelings, especially the troublesome ones. As a client you will learn how to stop worry, negative self-talk and other unhelpful patterns.

That critical voice? How do you know whether it's worth listening to or not?

I’ll provide you with strategies that will help you to disregard unhelpful thoughts and emotions and help you focus on your strengths. You’ll have greater control over your feelings, especially the troublesome ones.

Client Stories...

“I had hypnotherapy with Wiebke and it has truly changed my life after only three session which were all online via zoom! The hypnosis session have helped me to focus on the things that are important and have provided me with strategies to help me disregard the thoughts and emotions that are not helpful. It also helped me work through the physical pain I experience on a daily basis due to illness and has provide me with ways to better cope. I am still work in progress but I now feel like I am on the right track. I wholeheartedly recommend Wiebke.”


“Yesterday I realised at the end of the day that I hadn’t done any obsessing or any thinking at all! This was just after one online zoom session with Wiebke. Through the hypnosis sessions I now feel empowered and have been given tools that I will have and use indefinitely. I couldn’t recommend Wiebke more.”


“I was struggling with many facets of my life including suffering from chronic pain and anxiety. I felt like a passenger in my life rather than the driving force. The hypnosis session have helped me to focus on the things that are important and have provided me with strategies to help me disregard the thoughts and emotions that are not helpful. I am empowered and able to manage better the way I respond to pain and other factors I cannot control.”


I specialise in anxiety– which is almost always part of ANY representing issue or problem, addictions and pain management. This includes overwhelm, low self esteem, social anxiety and any emotional or physical discomfort that is keeping you stuck.


How hypnosis helps…

The key to understanding anxiety is to understand that it is not a thing, it is an internal process made possible by a series of cognitive distortions (eg- catastrophising into the future, using feelings as indicators of what is true and what isn’t, avoidant behaviour, over-worrying…) that people run.

Through Hypnosis we will identify these underlying processes and teach you strategies on how to interrupt unconscious patterns. As a client you’ll  feel more in control thoughts and feelings, particular the troublesome ones. No more chronic worries running through your head, instead an increased sense of overall calmness and confidence.


How hypnosis helps…

Addictive behaviour is an unconscious behaviour which can be quite difficult to change through conscious processes. This is where hypnosis excels at. Often people have a compulsiveness that encourages an immediate need for gratification which leads one to disregard the consequences of the addictive behaviour. Many struggle to tolerate feelings of discomfort.

Hypnosis is one of the best therapeutic tools available to you to break these patterns. In hypnosis you are much more likely to accept suggestions to change behaviour or recognise consequence.

Pain Control

How hypnosis helps…

The efficacy of hypnosis treatment for pain control is well documented. Hypnosis reduces pain perceptions and has positive effects beyond pain control. Often clients find that they experience a meaningful reduction in their pain, better sleep, increased sense of overall calmness and reduced stress. As a client you will learn strategies that change the negative thought patterns, that are part of the ‘suffering’ and you’ll gain back more control about the way you perceive the pain. Results can vary depending on the type of injuries and your responsiveness to hypnotherapy.

What it's like to work with me?

I’ll take great care as I guide you through the different steps of the hypnosis therapy journey. I will create a sacred and intimate space for you where you feel safe and fully welcomed. With compassion we will explore your current situation and we will uncover unhelpful behavioural, often unconscious thought patterns that keep you stuck in the problem. We will activate your existing strengths and resources, which will improve your confidence and mood along the way and open up to the possibility of new ways of responding. Then you’ll be guided through a non-scripted clinical hypnosis session where you relax back and simply allow yourself to listen and receive. Through the guided hypnosis we gently work with the subconscious mind, removing any resistance and using your existing strengths to open new ways of mastering. Each session will be recorded and the recording is shared with you after each session to listen to as part of the homework. This helps to reinforce the new processes and creates some really positive mental changes. No more feeling like a passenger in your life, instead the clear guidance on how to be the driving force and make real changes that are sustainable.

Online Telehealth sessions are also available…

“I had hypnotherapy with Wiebke and it has truly changed my life after only three session which were all online via zoom! ” Linda.

I offer telehealth online sessions and in my experience they are as effective than face to face therapy sessions. Clients are still very present and able to disconnect from their usually way of being around the house. No parking, no travel time or cost. All you need is a quiet space in your home and some headphones (optional but recommended). All your sessions will be recorded (audio) and you receive the recording straight after. I will ask you to listen to it again in between sessions. This helps to reinforce the new processes and valuable learnings.

The Hypnosis Experience


Prices include GST

$ 200  Initial Consult 1.5 hrs

$ 175  Follow up Consult 1 hr

I find the combination of therapies is very powerful, particularly for anxiety.  It depends on the individual how many sessions you will need – anything from 3-6 is standard. Some people choose to go deeper and work through multiple issues.


Claimable through some private insurers. Please ask your insurer.

What’s included?

A tailored treatment plan unique to each clients needs (I don’t use scripts, each session is uniquely designed for each individual client)

An audio recording of each session send to you straight after each treatment for further review and absorption

Access to additional resources that will help you to further understand your patterns and how to get back control. For a sample click here. (password: Mindful)

A safe and comfortable setting either in person or online

A experienced and caring practitioner with a solid clinical background


How to book?

You can either book by calling or texting to 0405 945 748 or email me directly

Alternatively you can book in a FREE 10 minute quick meeting by clicking below.

Advanced Method

Strategic Hypnosis is aligned with the most recent evidence based methods available today. Results always vary depending on the individual but my experience is, if you are 100% committed and do your weekly homework, you should get the outcome you seek.

Risk Free

You can book a 10 min free chat with me, with absolutely no obligations. You can get to know me, ask any questions and if you decide not to go ahead, then you are free to leave without charge, no questions asked.

Guaranteed Results

If you complete the treatment plan and have completed all tasks, homework and kept your appointments as discussed with me, I will guarantee the result with a full refund if necessary.