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Our Services

We offer introductory mindfulness programs, workshops and in depth immersions helping you to build inner strength, self-compassion, reduce stress and improve resilience.

Live Online Mindfulness Course

What you’ll learn…

Mindful movement, mindful eating, focused awareness

Gentle ways to re-balance body, mind and spirit

Guided visualisation

Body scan meditation

All these guided practice will help you to cultivate mindfulness and bring more awareness and presence to your life. The practice you’ll learn are accessible, beginner friendly and helping you to slow down and to be with challenges and stressors in a more skilful and grounded way.

This is an opportunity for you to slow down to allow to create space to take in the beautiful and to be present for your life. We will meet four times for two hours live online and Wiebke will teach you how to calm your mind, how to eat and walk mindfully and introduce you to accessible practices and guided visualisations.

When: 2022 Dates released soon

Investment: $150

What to expect…

A safe and welcoming environment

Interactive online learning environment

An experienced facilitator

A course that requires commitment and participation

Guided body scan, mindful movement guided meditations delivered straight to your inbox after each session

Additional supportive resources

One Day Silent Retreat

What you can expect:

A safe space and time to cultivate and deepen a mindfulness practice away from everyday distractions.

We will meet online via zoom on the Friday evening for an Orientation and start the day retreat in person on Saturday Morning 9am.

Most sitting meditations last about 30 minutes, followed by shorter periods of mindful movement.

You will engage in many forms of mindful exercise, including sitting meditations, lying down meditations, mindful walking, mindful moving, and standing meditations.


When: 2022 dates to be released soon

Investment: $200

An Introduction To Freedom

This guided one day silent retreat will offer a safe space, allowing time to pause, relieve stress and centre yourself with mindfulness. This is an opportunity for you to pause and to be guided through a day of silence and mindful practice and reflection. You will explore different mindfulness and meditation practices throughout the day and also have the opportunity to sit in silence for up to 30 min. This day is not for beginners, we will not be teaching how to meditation. We will guide you through meditation practices and visualisations that will help you navigate out of that ‘mental storm’ and shift towards calm and inner freedom.

This One Day Silent Retreat is for you if…

…You are wanting to reconnect

…You need to step out of the ‘mental chatter and overwhelm’

…You wanting to learn accessible mindfulness tools that are effective

…You want to learn how to better respond to stress

…You want to refocus on what matters to you

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