Meditation Program live-online

Based on and inspired by MBSR Training (mindfulness based stress reduction) by Jon Kabat-Zinn

Struggling with stress or anxiety?
Going through a life transition?
Wanting to ease out 2023 and start 2024 from a grounded and mindful place?


Join me for a 4 weeks mind training carefully curated to introduce you to accessible meditation and mindfulness practices. This program will train your mind and cultivate your wellbeing. Perfect to ease out 2023 and to set the base for a grounded and mindful start to 2024.


Guided Meditations
Curated Articles
Practical Work Tips
Interesting Videos
Online Live Practices

Evidence-based techniques to change your internal mindset, improve stress, and boost your mental health

Next course starts November 7th

-Restore your nervous system

-Boost your mental health

-Prioritise self care

-Learn evidence based techniques to change your internal mindset

-Improve stress

-You can choose as much or as little engagement as you want

– Each week starts with a different theme. All participants receive access at the beginning of each week to curated articles, guided audio meditations, interesting talks and videos and work tips, relating to the theme

-Each week participants have the opportunity to attend the online live sessions  A recording will be made available after each session if you miss the weekly practice.

Participants will be invited to practice meditation during the 30 days. You’ll learn accessible  tools and you have the opportunity to deepen what you learned in weekly online live practice sessions through the additional resources shared with you each week. You can choose as much or as little engagement as you want — whatever feels comfortable to you.

Online LIVE Mindfulness sessions will be offered for all registered participants on Tuesdays 7.30pm-8.15 pm and a recording of the sessions will be sent via email for those unable to attend.

Students are encouraged to practice individually or with a meditation buddy or group in your home on other days of the week throughout the challenge. A brief questionnaire will be used to collect information about participant experience at the start and end of the challenge.

Kick Off November 6th (orientation session followed by 4x Tuesday Nights, 45 min per session).


Each session includes updates on latest neuroscience research (communicated in a simple and accessible way) and 30 minutes of mindfulness practice.

Weekly Flow

November 6th– Orientation Session

learn more about the challenge, set an intention, and engage in community connection and practice

Tuesday November 7th – Start of Week 1

THE FOUNDATION. Guided focused attention meditation, learn what mindfulness is, what it isn’t and how to get started. Access to resources.

Tuesday November 14th – Start of Week 2

THE BODY. Listen to your body so you can take better care of yourself. Guided Body scan meditation, community connection and access to resources

Tuesday November 21st– Start of Week 3

THE MIND. Work with your thought patterns and build resilience. Focused awareness meditation, community connection and access to resources

Tuesday November 28th – Start of Week 4

THE ENERGY BODY AND EMOTIONS Strengthen you energetic boundaries, clear stagnant energy, understand your feelings. Guided Visualisation and calming breathing techniques, community connection and access to resources.

Frequently Asked Questions

Everyone is welcome. No previous meditation experience needed.
$200 for the four weeks. This includes our weekly online-live session on Tuesdays at 7.30pm. In addition you will receive access to the online resources, practical work tips, curated articles, guided mindfulness practices and more.
It is completely up to you how often you like to engage. We encourage you to prioritise your wellbeing and try to make all sessions live for best results. If you miss some, all sessions will be recorded and send to you after.
You register once. You will then receive a confirmation email from me with all details.
This program is a great way to reconnect with yourself and establish a mindfulness and meditation routine. The intention of this four week program is to help you calm your mind and feel more grounded, balanced and strengthen your overall sense of wellbeing.
Click on enrol or register and it will lead you to the payment details.

Your facilitator

Sessions will be facilitated by Wiebke Queisser, psychologist (Germany) and clinical hypno therapist.  Wiebke is a Certified Workplace Mindfulness Facilitator (CWMF), is certified in Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (MBSR), has participated in virtual and in-person Mindfulness in the Workplace Summits by Mindful Leader, and has attended a variety of other meditation trainings since 2014.

How did mindfulness help me

I am big believer in the value of self awareness. I first started practicing in 1995 in Germany and it helped me immensely to overcome my anxiety and to get clarity and confidence. Over the last few years I have deepened the practice and started sharing the benefits of meditation with others.

My program helps you to get out of your head, to prioritse self-care and to learn to respond to life’s challenges in a more calmer, grounded and supportive way.

It’s affordable. It’s accessible and it’s personalised. Offering a well balanced mix of live online guided experts session and access to carefully selected articles, videos and talks that will open a gateway into a more intentional and calmer way of living and being.

This is a chance to take back that driver seat and take charge of your mental fitness. Because when we do that it gives us clarity, confidence and courage to go after what we want. I hope you will join me. Kick off November 6th.

The Mindfulness Meditation Training Includes


  5x instructor led online live sessions


  A weekly theme (Mind, Body, Emotions, Energy Body)


  A recording of each weekly session


  Access to each weeks guided audio practices and homework for each week


  Access to additional resources (interesting talks, curated articles, guided meditations and more)


  Access to a caring and likeminded community