Mindful May

The tools to support your mental health and well-being

Our self-guided digital practice and courses, educate and empower you to live more mindfully. sleep better, manage stress better and become a calmer more centered human being. Are you ready to make the change?

Your practice – transformed

Online Yoga, Yin, Meditation, and Mindfulness. Accessible online practices helping you to shift from fight or flight to FLOW

Get excited! You can expect...

over 50 hours of on-demand guided practices and classes helping you to

enhance your sense of wellbeing

sleep better

Greater mindfulness 

Stress Reduction

restore & calm the nervous system 

shift from emotional stress to emotional balance

$60 one-off purchase (no subscription)

Lifetime access

No strings attached

High-quality video & audio

Guided Visualisations

Over 50 hours of practice to choose from

Guided Meditations

Filtered by Yoga, Meditation, Yin, Nidra, and Energetic Body Practices

Variety in class length

Practices easy to digest and relevant for daily life

Lifelong access for $60 (one-off purchase)

What You'll Learn

Practical tools to manage stress

Guided visualisations & meditations, different lengths

Practices to clear your energy body (shake & release module)

Great variety of yoga classes to ground, move and transform your pratice

Luxurious yin immersions to calm & restore

Guided yoga nidra for better sleep