A Mindful Choice

Discover the healing method of Reiki (Usui lineage) and learn how you can effectively utilise this healing energy for your own self- care, health, and personal growth. Learning Reiki will help you to feel connected to yourself, more grounded, manage challenging emotions and navigate through stressful or demanding times.

Reiki Training Level One

Discover your Subtle Body

Learn how to sense healing reiki energy inside and around you and how to cultivate it in a positive way.This Reiki level one training will give you knowledge about the history of Reiki and a felt understanding of the subtle energy body. Our mission is to provide you with accessible tools that empower you to confidently apply your learnings into your own self-healing practice. You’ll also be able to give back to those that are dear to your heart by sharing the healing light energy.

This training will suit you if you want to…

…change your life for the better

…give back and help others

…become more self-aware

…become  comfortable and more in control of your emotions and feelings

…strengthen your internal self-healing capabilities

…feel more grounded

…find an anchor in life

…feel more connected and in tune with yourself

…priortise self care

…better navigate busy or stressful, busy times

…make the shift from racing through life to learn how to slow down

…learn how to cultivate energy for self-healing and healing others


What to expect

A high-quality training that is very professional run

Facilitators that have extensive knowledge and years of practice

Facilitators that are welcoming and cultivating grounding, authentic energy

A Comfortable, safe, and intimate setting

Great group dynamic

Embodied learning with the perfect balance between theory and practice

Real clinic client experience for level two

Accessible tools & practices that allow you to be comfortable and confident to use reiki energy and to cultivate it in a positive way

What you’ll learn

How to use energy for self-healing purposes

How to place boundaries around your energy

How to safely conduct a reiki healing session

The history of Reiki and how it really works

How to sense your own energy and the energy of others

Different, accessible practices that connect you to the healing energy

How to use your hands for self-healing and healing others

How to layer Reiki with other healing practices (eg massage, meditation..)

How to keep your boundaries strong and healthy

How to ground

Sample Program

Download the sample program to find out what you'll learn in each module

You don’t need special skills

The Secret Is To Learn The Right Tools

Our mission is to provide you with the tools you need to cultivate the healing energy for your own self-care and for healing and supporting others.