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My life's work

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‘I am so excited to present this online offering to you. This is my life’s work. It has always been my dream to create a portal where we can all meet wherever you are in the world to come together to share with you my favourite practices, those who have transformed my life. It is an absolute honour to guide you through this and my mission is to empower you to make real sustainable changes your felt wellbeing. My wish for you is that you wake up every day feeling vital, healthy and luminous so you can enjoy this one mysterius life.

I very much look forward to meeting you through this offering.’

Wiebke Queisser

Three helpful tips that transformed my online yoga practice

  1. Create the atmosphere: Make sure you find a quiet spot so you can settle. Put on some gentle music, light some candles, clear the space. Make the area sacred and yours. Over time you will feel how the energy in your little home studio becomes more and more pure and you will need less time to settle into your home practice.
  2. Call it out and BE HERE: You paid for this membership. You carved out valuable time in your schedule so be here and be present. This is your time. Your space. your self care. Enjoy the luxury of having 30, 40 or 60 min for yourself. Train your brain to be present and focussed and develop discipline for your online practice. Over time you’ll see your online practice will become more and more effective and you’ll be able to put boundaries down that protect your sacred home practice.
  3. Set the intention for this practice. Take a few moment prior to sit and breathe and take the time to tune in and connect energetically. Gather all of our awareness into the now right before you click play. Set your sacred attention for this class you choose to practice today. Be with it and allow this intention to trickle into your field.

The online membership

In these pages you will find all of the support you need in order to create your own spiritual practice, wherever you find yourself in the world. When you commit to your own sadhana- or self practice- you take the brave step of committing to the yogic path.

Wiebke Queisser, Founder 


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Each practice below will guide you through the different techniques that have changed my life and form the basis of my daily practice and all of my teachings.

Fluid Movements

This module includes our dynamic asana classes for radiant health. Experience the fluid structure of a Vinyasa Flow yoga class and connect deeply to your breath. Build familiarity with common poses and terms as you move through Sun A’s, B’s, lunging poses, standing balance poses, hip openers, and gentle backbends. Sun Salutations improve your overall flexibility and these practices will help you build up strength, mental clarity and overall energy levels. You can choose from a variety of sun, luna and slow flow practices for a well-rounded practice! All classes wind down with stretching, breathing and a long and well deserved savasana.

Quantity: 18

Time: Ranging from 30min-60min

Luxurious Yin

Dive into deeply nourishing and calming yin & restorative practices that will help you to unplug and unwind. Wiebke’s yin is designed to provide cellular recharge to all your organs and all parts of the body and she incorporates her knowledge about meridians and Chinese medicine into her classes. These deeply relaxing practices acknowledge the body’s natural shapes and capacity while encouraging deep tension release. Very soothing, supporting to relax the mind and calm the nervous system.


Quantity: 11

Time: ranging from 30 min- 60 min practices

Dreamtime Nidra

Travel beyond conceptions of wakefulness and sleep to discover your identity at the innermost level. Yoga nidra is a deeply relaxing guided meditation that is practiced entirely while lying in savasana, moving gradually inward relaxing into a guided body scan. You’ll gain insight into your true, essential Self, and enjoy benefits such as stress reduction, deep rest, and greater well-being. Return to this practice night after night. This module includes nidra meditations as well as combined yin & nidra practices for the ultimate bliss.

Quantity: 7

Time: Ranging from 20 min- 60 min practices


Discover the power of pure meditation and awake your luminous being. These guided meditations are designed to clear your mind and to connect you to your energy body and the supportive cosmic life force. Empowering you to focus your energy and clear your mind.

Quantity: 8

Time: Ranging from 15 min- 25 min practices

Prana Boost

Pranayama (breathing) and tantric guided meditation practices for cellular recharge and healthy energy flow.  Guided pranayama techniques will increase your pranic flow and a tantric approach to meditation will lead you inward to absorption in the world where mind, matter and the light of awareness meet. Different breathing exercise sand visualisation practices will help cultivate beneficial energy for vitality and overall health.

Quantity: 5

Time: Ranging from 14 min- 20 min practices

Shake & Release

My personal collection of energy release practices to help you unscramble your force fields so your energy system are aligned, strong and grounded. Returning to these practices daily (particular morning) will help you to strengthen your subtle body, for inner health and to enable you to get up quickly if something comes along that takes you down in the first place.


Quantity: 4

Time: Ranging from 5 min- 10 min practices