fluid movement

Practices for fluid movement & breath

Select your favourite sun flow, luna flow and slow flow practices. All classes incorporate dynamic vinyasa flow asanas and are connecting movement & breath. Come here for daily practice and select your morning, afternoon or evening flow. Sun Flow classes are generally more dynamic, where Luna flow classes focus more in grounding and longer exhales. Slow Flow classes are designed for longer, steady holds but still a fluid (less fast paced) practice.

Sunrise Morning Flow

Teacher: Wiebke
About the practice: Start your day off increasing your flexibility, strength, mental clarity and overall energy levels with this sunrise flow. Breath work to harness the energy of the mind, plank variations to strengthen the arms and core. Sun salutations (surya namaskar A) to improve overall flexibility plus lunges, twists and backbends for a well rounded practice. Blessed morning to you!

Length: 60 min

Breath infused flow

Teacher: Wiebke
About the practice: Incorporate various breath techniques throughout this brisk flow in order to arrive firmly in the here and now. Hold warrior II, extended side angle, revolved triangle, and plank to practice specific breath cues, then wind down with a calming breath, and a hip opener of your choice. Props Needed: A block.

Length: 55 min

Short Juicy Flow

Teacher: Kass
About the practice:Juicy Vinyasa Flow focussing on breath and fluid movements. Your body will feel strong through plank holds and crow pose. Kass also incorporates some twists and balancing poses towards the end to reset and rinse out any stiffness. Beautiful fluid breath focussed Vinyasa Flow

Length: 30 min

Slow & Hippie

Teacher: Ruby
About the practice:In this mindful slow flow you are invited to find a deeper connection within, whilst moving through a sequence of hip openers. The flow starts and ends with a few mindful moments in meditation and is a beautiful way to wind down at the end of your day.

Length: 45

Classic Reboot Flow

Teacher: Wiebke
About the practice: This all-around, continuous flow explores fun and playful variations of classic poses and core strength. This flow will bring back the feeling of stability and stableness into your body. Moving through classic Sun A’s and B’s to move and breathe, hip-opening and a check into our ‘energetic signature’ at the beginning of this class to make this practice go beyond the physical as well.

Length: 57 min

Slow Flow for a fast paced life

Teacher: Wiebke
About the practice:When life gets hectic, sometimes you just need to slow down and get back to basics. Warm up gently then ease into a simple practice that focuses on stepping forward and back into standing poses, without any downdogs or chaturangas. This class makes a great introductory practice, as it explores staples like seated twists, side stretches, and warrior 1, 2, and 3. Props Suggested: A block.

Length: 55 min

Endurance Boost

Teacher: Mark
About the practice: Mark’s quick, sweat-inducing flow is focussed on strengthening standing poses and the endurance-building transitions between them. Get moving right away with a fast-paced sequence. Then come down to your mat and stretch it all out and relax into a sweet and well deserved savassana.

Length: 60 min

Liquid & Steady Slow Flow

Teacher: Wiebke
About the practice: A slow flow designed to bridge the meditative state into movement. Includes sun salutations, standing balance work and a pleasant cool down. Create a reciprocal balance between the energy you release to the earth and the amount of effort needed to pull away from gravity, leaving you both relaxed and energized.

Length: 60 min

Energising Flow

Teacher: Wiebke
About the practice:This gentle but effective practice focuses on dynamic movements in and out of poses to help to connect you to your breath and to increase the flow of energy in your body. Use this practice regularly to increase your strength and energy levels.This class has music. 

Length: 50 min

Refine your Handstand

Teacher: Joao
About the practice: Focus on developing greater core, arm and shoulder strength while building up to handstand. This flow practice will awaken and rejuvenate your entire body while teaching you tips to refine your handstand or approach it for the very first time. Students that are new to handstand will be given a brief tutorial on the getting into the pose while seasoned handstanders will get to bypass this tutorial and dig deeper into this pose and many others.

Length: 48 min

Prana Boost Slow Flow

Teacher: Wiebke
About the practice: short mindful morning practice focussed on energising and increasing your prana (life force) for the day ahead. You’ll be moving through a slow flow linking each movement to breath.

Length: 20 min

Fast and Fluid

Teacher: Mark
About the practice:Ground and flow with this fun, quick-moving class that will get you out of your head. Expect the unexpected with a creative sequence that strengthens, stretches, and expands your body in all directions.

Length: 60 min