These guided meditations are designed to clear your mind and to connect you to your energy body. Practicing these simple tools & visualisations will help you shift from a busy mind state into a calm and quiet relaxed mind state. Bonus is the connection to the subtle energy body.

Stress, Bye!

Teacher: Wiebke
About the practice: It’s easy to consume yourself with the stories that hold you back, often times your comparison to others, old beliefs of never being enough, the list goes on. Take the mantra “I am at ease” and “no stress can harm me” to center yourself amidst even the most hectic of times. Use this opportunity to step back, breathe and come back to what is really important at the end of the day. Props Suggested: A block or blanket to sit on.

Length: 20 min

Chakra Meditation with Misch

Teacher: Mischa
About the practice: This guided meditation uses breath and bodily awareness to hone inwards to create and peaceful and mindful experience. Perfect if you want a quick reset and refocus for your mind. Prop Suggested: A blanket to sit on.

Length: 20 min

Meditation to Awaken your Third Eye

Teacher: Wiebke
About the practice: The third eye center is your “command center” – a gateway to deepening your internal and subtle vision. This guided practice will lead you to profound stillness and help you develop inner vision. The process will nurture you while deepening you in the path to meditation. Prop Suggested: A blanket to sit on.

Length: 15 min

Meditation & Pranayama Practice

Teacher: Wiebke
About the practice: This class combines meditation and pranayama practice; we utilize seated and supine positions with a bolster and blanket. To support getting grounded and entering the meditative space with ease, we incorporate breathing and pranayama techniques into this meditation. You will connect to the energy flow and experience a sense of freedom and ease on the insight.

Length: 18 min

Meditation for cellular recharge

Teacher: Wiebke
About the practice: By connecting with your breath, you connect with your prana or life force that pervades your whole body. In this guided meditation practice a breathing exercise and visualisation practice to help cultivate beneficial energy feeling grounded and connected to this life. This practice starts with a short explanation and some gentle movements to open the body before you move into stillness.

Length: 20 min

Rainbow Meditation Charka Cleanse

Teacher: Wiebke
About the practice: Enjoy a blissful visual meditation as you imagine a beautiful light moving up your body from your base chakra all the way up to your crown chakra, cleansing each energy centre with pure & vibrant light and  filling your body with tenderness and relaxation. Emerge with the feeling of having been cleansed and renewed by the transformative power of this tantric meditation practice.Prop Suggested: A blanket to sit on.

Length: 23 min

Energised & Centered (Meditation PREPARATION)

Teacher: Wiebke
About the practice: Experience a guided practice where the power of breath leads you to the yoga of inner light. Begin by creating more space for breath with dynamic movements incorporating wind in the willow, and a variation of moon salutations. An gentle moving sequence to prepare you for a deep meditation. Perfect to practice in the morning or to prepare your body for meditation.

Length: 17 min