How to stay grounded during times of uncertainty

There is a lot of uncertainty (again) and a lot of change. If we are not directly affected then perhaps our family or friends in Victoria or Melbourne. The collective energy is fearful and you may have felt it over the past few days in particular.  I like to share a few practices with you that are helping me to stay grounded, centred and joyful during this time. I hope they resonate with you and inspire you to do the same:

  • Meditate on the Mantra: “I am at peace, no stress can harm me”
  • Listen to podcasts from ‘Tara Brach’ (she is amazing and she offers a range of guided meditations that help to calm our mind and reduce feelings of anxiety) and “Insights at the Edge’, amazing podcast with talks from spiritual leaders and creative thinkers, healers from all over the world.
  • Read books. Make it cosy, make yourself a cup of tea, light some candles and just cosy up on your couch and read your book. It is super relaxing and helps to shift from the fight, flight, freeze response.
  • Have a  zoom catch up with your friends- stay social, you can still have a tea catch up or dinner date with your friends via zoom. Try it, it is fun and helps to feel connected. Being our loved ones and friends creates joy in our hearts.
  • Create your own sacred home studio. Use your crystals, incense, candles, salt lamp and create a little sacred corner in your house or room or on your balcony. Go there often and do healing work, meditate, practice Yoga. You will feel over time the energy shift and the corner/room will become your sanctuary in your own place.

Focus on the things you can change, not on the ones you can’t.