“We have to do the inner work so we can have greater outer impact “

The Effects Of Stress  Are Too Great To Ignore

81% of employees worry a lot and 43%  are experiencing high levels of stress during the day (2021 Gallup). Learning how to manage challenging emotions and stress and are essential for building resilience.

Our Presence Matters

How we do things matters. We can’t change the outer circumstances however we can learn to respond to stress and uncertainty more skilfully. Enabling us to remain stable and balanced.


It’s Not Wishy Washy

Mindfulness is an innate capacity that enhances effectiveness and well-being. It is developed through well-established methods that are supported by rigorous research.

Psychotherapy & Counselling

Why it matters

Increased Self Awarness

Mindfulness helps to bring mental processes under greater voluntary control and thereby fosters general mental well-being such as calmness, clarity and concentration.

Reduced Rumination

Several studies have shown that mindfulness reduces rumination, reduces depressive symptoms, increases working memory capacity and attention.

Less Emotional Reactivity

Mindfulness based stress reduction (Kabbat-Zinn) is an effective tool to reduce symptoms of stress, anxiety and helps people to manage stress and emotions more skilfully.

Increased Focus & Clarity

Mindfulness affects the ability to focus attention and suppress distracting information. People have significantly better performance on all measures of attention and show greater cognitive flexibility.

What is Mindfulness?

Mindfulness is not about making everything magically better. Mindfulness is about being with and learning how to have this deep quality and capacity of equanimity (balance) so we can be with whatever comes up in our world and remain balanced and stable. Allowing you to can change your inner voice from “this is too much” to “Ok I got this. I can deal with this.”

Mindfulness is...

…tuning in to whatever is present here and now

…being aware and receptive

…becoming more aware of your thoughts

…accepting and investigating things as they are before acting

Mindfulness is not...

…tuning out of reality and into a more peaceful place

…being relaxed

…stopping your thoughts

…being passive and accepting of everything

How we do what we do matters

How we do anything means everything. And Self Awareness is the key to master our inner world and our response to the outer world. If you are not developing self awareness in your capacity, you cannot get to the other steps (social awareness, relationships – and interactions and how you lead…)

“If I am sitting in a meeting that is crazy toxic- are we adding fuel to the fire or are we helping to bring about clarity, understanding and solution to the room. What is the nature and quality or our presence? We know what our state is, chest is tight, what is running around in our mind… when we know our information, it gives us a great opportunity to pause and decide to do what next- what am I going to say,, what am I going not to say. And when we know that, you can start to influence that environment in a very different way. “

How to bring Mindfulness Into Your Day

Check in Take brief pauses to check in with yourself throughout the day. Take a few slow breaths (close the eyes) and check in with your…

Body  How does your body feel?
Mind  What thoughts are present?
Heart  What’s your mood right now?
Action  Proceed with mindful awareness into your next taks

Expert Mindfulness Workshops

Discover insights and practical take-aways

Learn new techniques and practices

Live & Online (Zoom)

Intimate and interactive environment

One Day Mindfulness Immersions

A day dedicated to silence and mindfulness practice. Enabling you to take time out, to reconnect, and learn helpful tools that will enable you to practice better self-care.

So… what makes us unique?

Wiebke brings a unique blend of business experience and mindfulness expertise to her work.​ Previously she was a talent consultant in large corporations helping leaders to improve the employee experience. She has been practicing mindfulness for over 15 years and has been teaching to individuals and teams since 2016.

Wiebke has a very calming and grounding presence and offers a unique, person centred approach. Many people say that they feel safe in her presence. Bringing expertise from both worlds, corporate and healing, she shifts perspectives and inspires diverse audiences to bring more mindfulness into their lives.

Wiebke has an MA in clinical psychology (Germany) and is a certified workplace mindfulness teacher and hypnotherapist. In her spare time she loves to be in nature, spending quality time with her loved ones and her dog Happy.