Raise the vibrations in your Home

Your environment plays a distinctive role in the energy inside you—and a huge part of your environment is your home.The area around your living space has a big impact on how we feel. It has a major influence on our  “happy vibes”. And although you don’t have much control of your environment, you do have control of your own home. Life is vibration. Bringing in the things that make you feel alive—that bring you joy—are the most important pieces when helping change the energy you have in your home into a positive one.

Plants, natural light, candles, and natural materials like wood and linen can help promote flow and connection. Removing plastics and unnatural material can help create more natural energy in your home, which helps promote flow. Find what you love and add that to your home—it could be crystals, art, music, candles, incense, and colours. You can even tap into the power of sage—a powerful herb that works on clearing negative energy—or selenite crystal, a translucent gem that evokes energies of healing and protection. A few, small, linen bags filled with Himalayan sea salt around the home can also help draw negative energy in.

If our home feels good, we feel good.Our environment can literally give our energy a boost. And when we feel more energised, we improve our performance. Beginning with our home and ourselves, we can then raise the frequency, our happy vibes, and our openness in the rest of our everyday lives.

The more we can surround ourselves with things, beings, and people that match our vibration and our values, the more we won’t resonate anymore with vibrations of sadness, anxiety, and depression.

When we align our energies with positivity, we can come to an all-encompassing healthier place, mind, body, and soul.