The frequency of uncertainty

A lot of people at the moment feel a rising of fear or some discomfort. It feels a bit like there is this ‘daunting unknown’ and we just don’t know in which directions it’s all going to move from here. 

Part of the frequency that is dominant right now is uncertainty- “What if this happens…”, I also cal it the ‘freak out’ aspect. This is energetically very draining. And if this happens on a collective scale then we can feel it even more. It’s becoming hard to differentiate what is ours and what’s the collective fear or discomfort. My advise is to feel the feelings, notice the fear or grief but consciously don’t attach to it.  Remember that there are always two realms. One realm is what is really going on right now and the other one is what is going on in our head. We can’t think clearly and we imagine the worst. A way out if is to become aware of the collective journey and your own journey. The collective right now is very unstable. And then there is your own journey and somewhere in the middle of it is the moment of surrender. That’s where you can put yourself. Breathe. Surrender. Practice this on and off.  The energetics of fear is that people start retracting. People start pulling their energy back in. That is the nature of fear. It’s important not to loose touch with each other. The inner work is essential now. The more we heal ourselves through our inner work, the more we don’t resonate with the frequency of sadness, fear or guilt. It is not in our energy field anymore, we don’t alight with it anymore. And you can see things and life from a much healthier perspective.

How can we shift our frequency?

Ground yourself into the earth. Hang out with plants and animals. It will help you to gain an immediate perspective shift. Differentiate between your own journey and feelings and the collective. Meet in the middle. Ask yourself how can I bring more light into my world? How can I be and feel strong? There is very old wisdom in here. Our strength is the heart and the community. This is an opportunity to really deeply care. The consciousness of how we live. Let’s care for each others wellbeing and have empathy. Practice gratitude. There is so much to celebrate and be grateful for. Let’s walk through this world together with integrity, kindness and respect.

Below are a few practical things to help you ground:

  • Don’t buy into the panic. That does not help with stress minimisation. Instead genuinely reach out to others and ask them are you Ok. How can you help. Create solidarity in the community.
  • At the end of the day drain anything out that don’ts serve you anymore. Imagine a plug in a bath and just visualise how that dull or draining fearful energy just moves through you out through your feet. Feel the connection to the earth. Learn how to drain and learn not to carry it.
  • Make a conscious effort to shift your frequency of fear. So we are not chronically worried.

Right know it is impossible to know what is going to happen. We can’t possibly know and the wisdom of that is surrender. Practice Surrender. Every day.


How energy healing can help?

It can help you to feel solid again. It can help you to settle your anxiety and to expand and feel a bit more freer, more liberated and calm. Our energy clinic, located above Yogatime, is open and we offer reiki healings and wellness balance to help you shift from fight or flight to flow.