Collective Energy and your Mental Wellbeing

A mindful reflection 

They way I described the collective energy a day or so before the actual lock down is ‘A stunned silence’…frozen in the environment around you. And because it is the vibration of many people it is very strong. If you went into it, it would be a total dread. All these forces are like a magnet, they attract, and they repel. We get drawn into it, we resist.  This affects our spirit for sure and you might have felt yourself getting pulled into this Tsunami of fear. It’s like suddenly something happens, we react, and we get literally pulled of our feet into the vibration of panic and fear. Once we land again and are grounded, we barely understand what just happened right. It’s not you. It’s the collective vibration of the field around you. Remember, that it is not in your human nature to give up. The strength in your nature is not to be afraid and to find your way. Adaptability during change is our greatest strength.

It’s about clarity in not getting caught up in mindless control

 We have to protect ourselves from that. Refuse to be caught up in that. Be clear on not getting caught up in mindless control. Be mindful of what you are pushing back. Say yes t the things in your life that raise you up. That is Power…with power (empowerment feeling empowered) we are able to fully open and really listen. The higher wisdom here is that beautiful moments come into our lives, and they also go. Challenging moments come into our lives, and they also go. My go to medicine is nature, my dog and good, close likeminded souls. I remember my strength and practice surrender, trust and kindness towards myself. Also, increasing my spiritual practice and meditation practice during these times are super helpful to reconnect to my core and to unity.

A high degree of union is so important right now to let go of that feeling of separation most of us feel during these times.