I am an inclusive, collaborative and holistic therapist. My approach is strength based and person centred.

The result?
A calm nervous system and a shift in mindset enabling sustainable personal change.

Wiebke works with clients all ages and specialises in anxiety and stress, grief and loss, low self-esteem and trauma. She was born in Germany and moved to Australia 17 years ago. She holds qualifications in clinical psychology from the University of Bremen in Germany, Psychotherapy (Australian Institute of Applied Psychology) and she is also a Reiki Master. Her approach is holistic, strength based, warm and compassionate, using the latest evidence based treatment modalities such as energy psychology, neuroscience based mindfulness practice, and somatic experiencing. Wiebke is founding member of the International Strategic Psychotherapist Association and a member of the German Psychology Association (BDP- Berufs Verband Deutscher Psychologen). Her unique blend of Somatic Psychotherapy and Energy Psychology offers an effective and holistic way of working through blocks and reducing anxiety in the body.

Wiebke also provides coaching services to corporate teams and leaders who are interested in self development and personal transformation. For more click here

Research shows that including the body in therapy creates more effective, longer lasting change than standard talk therapies alone:

The Body

Wiebke includes work with the body in her sessions to help regulate the nervous system. She introduces her clients to body focused interventions such as tapping, meditations, breathing exercises, or gentle movement. Learning to recognise how feelings are experienced in the body and how the body communicates with us can help deepen our connection with self.

The Mind

Our self views, our patterns of coping and interacting with others and our thoughts have roots in early childhood experience and are often repeated in unhelpful ways. Our brain gets shaped by our experience so whatever experience we had will make up the way we perceive and think. Wiebke uses neuroscience and evidence based practices to help break unhelpful thought patterns. This enables her clients to shift to a new way of thinking and experiencing the world.

Energy Psychology

Traumatic events not only replay in the mind but also become trapped in the body system. Wiebke combines working with the body and the bodies energy field, to regulate the electrical signals to retrain the brain and help individuals overcome many of the physical and emotional reactions that create the suffering. Her sessions include body focused interventions such as tapping, gentle movement or chi work.

Client Stories...

“I had therapy with Wiebke and it has truly changed my life after only three session which were all online via zoom! The sessions have helped me to focus on the things that are important and have provided me with strategies to help me disregard the thoughts and emotions that are not helpful. It also helped me work through the physical pain I experience on a daily basis due to illness and has provide me with ways to better cope. I am still work in progress but I now feel like I am on the right track. I wholeheartedly recommend Wiebke.”


“Yesterday I realised at the end of the day that I hadn’t done any obsessing or any thinking at all! This was just after one online session with Wiebke. Through the sessions I now feel empowered and have been given tools that I will have and use indefinitely. I couldn’t recommend Wiebke more.”


“I had been feeling stressed and scattered when I booked the session, and was having a few health issues. Wiebke immediately made me feel calmer, and offered a number of suggestions which have helped. The main thing was the energy psychology: I felt sooo relaxed for the first time in weeks, and I left in a completely different frame of mind – it really did feel like my energy had shifted. ”


“I went through a very difficult time in life which created serve anxiety and bordering states of depression. At the time I didn’t want to get medicine to numb myself, which is when I came across Wiebke’s holistic offering. It honestly reset me and my entire nervous system. I left each session not only feeling lighter and more grounded but with exercises to do when I was in the middle of a panic attack or episode at home. Because of this I now use energy psychology in my every day life and couldn’t be more grateful.


I specialise in anxiety

…which is part of almost any representing issue or problem.

The key to understanding anxiety is to understand that it is not something that is happening to you. It is an internal process made possible by a series of cognitive distortions, physical patterns and nervous system responses (eg- catastrophising into the future, trapped traumas or emotions in the body, avoidant behaviour, over-worrying, body posture…). Wiebke will help identify these underlying processes and teach you effective simple strategies on how to interrupt these unconscious patterns. As a result you’ll feel more in control of your thoughts and feelings, particular the troublesome ones.

What it's like to work with Wiebke

My mission is to help you to feel safe and seen. The most important part when working with clients with anxiety is help to re-install a sense of safety in the body. That’s when the healing can take place. In our sessions we will explore your views of yourself, the world around you and your self-defeating patterns of coping. I will gently introduce some body centred practices that will help to regulate the nervous system. We will gently increase self-awareness and connect to the wisdom of your body to deepen your connection with yourself. You’ll receive homework and helpful resources to read, do and practice between each session. My energy is very grounding and calming and my approach is unique, holistic and person centred. Many of my clients say that they feel safe in my presence.


How much does a session cost?

$ 150  (60 min)

Session can be in person or online

How many sessions do you need?

It depends on the individual how many sessions you will need – anything from 3-6 is standard. I recommend fortnightly sessions to start with. Some people choose to go deeper and choose to work through multiple issues.

​What’s included?

A tailored treatment plan unique to your needs (each session is uniquely designed for each individual client)

Additional resources that will support behaviour transformation and personal change

An experienced and caring practitioner with a solid clinical background