Building Resilience and Wellbeing through Mindfulness

Timeless Principles Proven Results

Mindfulness is an innate capacity that enhances both workplace effectiveness and well-being. It is developed through well-established methods that are supported by rigorous research. It is also an ideally suited for the work environment. Here’s why


Easy to learn micro practices. No prior experience required.


Mindfulness exercises can be done almost anywhere, without any special equipment, in as little as 10 minutes.


Mindfulness can be integrated into the workplace, leadership development or change management programs.


Research shows that mindfulness enhances focus, innovation and  resilience and reduces unconscious bias, stress and burnout.

”Change has never happened this fast before, and it will never be this slow again.”

The impact of chronic stress


Of employees experience chronic stress


Of employees intend to change jobs due to stress


Of doctor visits are due to stress


Of health care costs are stress-related

Our Services

We offer everything from one-time webinars or workshops to in-depth multi-week programs, depending on your need. All courses are designed to create lasting change and are evaluated to demonstrate impact.

Introductory Offerings

Introductory sessions, webinars and or speaker events. Offering engaging, informative experiences with practical key take aways.

Core Offerings

Weekly practice series, workshops, multi week mindfulness courses, or monthly mindfulness classes. A more in depth program with very accessible practices, providing significant benefits to your people.

Mindfulness Challenge

A 4-week digital program that provides a set of resources around a new theme each week. A beginner friendly, scalable offering for your organsation, with proven results.

From Reacting to Responding...

Through Mindful Awareness your people can shift from…

…distraction to focus

…stress to responding intentionally

…business as usual to remaining alert and curious

....and enhance their resilience

Resilience describes the ability to avoid chronic stress by effectively managing stressful events. Mindfulness is not about avoiding stress or being ok with stress. It is about being present and aware of what is happening and being skilful in responding. We can’t control the outer world however we can control how we respond to it. Wouln’t that be a useful skill to develop?

Benefits of Mindfulness

Improved sleep

Greater stress resilience

Better memory

Less reactivity

Greater empathy

Reduced anxiety

Feeling stressed, overwhelmed?

Mindful self-care checklist for resilience and mental fitness

Drive with the radio off

Eat one bite with full awareness

While walking, don’t rush and notice your surroundings

Start a journal

Stick to your morning routine


Do some daily exercise

Create a quiet space in your home

In between meetings or emails take a moment to pause, closer your eyes, feel both feet on the ground and take a slow and a deep breath

Whatever you do try to bring full attention to. it, without fast forwarding in your head to the next task

Why us?

Wiebke brings a unique blend of business experience and mindfulness expertise to her work.​ She has been practicing mindfulness for over 15 years and has been teaching mindfulness since 2016.

Before founding Wiebke Queisser, Wiebke was a talent consultant where she consulted leadership teams and HR teams on how to create a better employee experiences. This included in-person courses, webinars and digital resources. Implementing enterprise wide programs helping leaders to better understand their teams experience.

Wiebke has an MA in psychology and is a certified workplace mindfulness teacher and strategic hypnotherapist. In her spare time she loves being in nature with family and her dog Happy. Wiebke is also an energy practitioner, growing up with her aunty in Germany who was a Reiki Master. Wiebke has many years of experience in working with clients helping to reduce anxiety and symptoms of burnout and stress creating real impactful results.