Yin & Reiki Class

Healing Yin & Reiki, delivered with warmth and expertise by Wiebke. The perfect mid-week circuit breaker.

What is Yin & Reiki

The practice of restorative Yin yoga is aided by the warming power of Reiki combined to fully open pranic channels and get Chi flowing. You’ll walk from the class re-set and feeling so light and clear minded. Throughout the class you will be gently and safely guided into healing and restorative yin poses. And while students are resting in the pose, Wiebke will be walking the room providing healing touch and Reiki. These classes are aimed to help to re-set and calm and relax the nervous system. Energetic blockages can be cleared and stress is released. The Classe are held at Wiebke’s healing space in Bondi Beach Yogatime. Mats, probs and blankets are provided. The class is open for beginners and all clients.

You will experience

An initial grounding practice to bring awareness to the present moment and to ground into your physical body.

75 minutes of healing yin poses, aimed to target specific meridian lines to help soothing the nervous system and to facilitate a feeling of deep relaxation and rest.

Healing touch with Reiki while you are resting in the yin pose. Wiebke will intuitively provide some healing touch on different parts of the body. These might be hands on or hands off and the touch will aid to the facilitation of deep restore and recharge.

You may experience sensations of warmth or energy moving through. Some students experience sensations of tingling or lightness, openness.